"You step into the sunlit clearing, a bright oasis in this dense and murky forest."

Background by jegillustration
  • freddyl:

    #Inktober “Goblin Birthday Party”

    #DnD #sketchbook #Beholder #artistlife

  • jegillustration:

    Fire Gnome


    jegillustration is the gift that keeps on giving

  • kendra-p:

    Taking a crack at a semi serious design pass at my D&D party’s characters, first up is my boyfriend’s ancient warforged paladin, Leopold von Raspberry. He used to be a vehicle for an extinct race, but the soul of the deceased pilot somehow bonded to the body of the construct and stayed there for eons! (Because magic.)

    I have to give a nod to Alexandre DiBoine for the inspiration on how to make a non-stupid looking magical robot.

    Gonna tie the characters down and render them more for some fun stuff laterrrr

  • omarnoory:

    Daily DnD Drawing #29 - Xyrlove Dewshining (Female Elf Paladin)

    My second time with this project where a last name repeats. I see Xyrlove as Coratis’ older sister so they both share the penchant for shiny golden armor.

  • vile-jelly-blog:

    Sketch Saturday - This was going to be Tuesday’s Feature Creature, but as I was doing the colours, I realized I wasn’t enjoying it, so I decided just to post as is, as bonus content for the weekend

    Vault Golem by chillier17

  • omarnoory:

    Daily Dnd Drawing #21 - Udomorn Steelfarmer / Male Gnome Ranger

    I’m still struggling to figure out what the difference is between a gnome and a halfling. To clarify I added a gnome hat to this guy.