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Apr 19

mootthemute asked: I actually don't like the "sneaking pop culture" into campaigns. Two of my friends played WarForged Bards with perform drums and singing and Profession (contruct building). Their motto? Sing better, faster, stronger, and harder.

Different strokes and everything, but that sounds like the best thing ever to me.


Lots of people were interested in my maps, so I thought I’d post a few of my better ones and some info about them.

1. My DM copy of the ground floor of an ice giants’ lair. I used this map to try out lots of different mapping styles, tricks and ideas, which is why it’s so detailed and hella. The plan is to make all my future maps look similar to this, including those that my players play on.

2. This is the basement floor of the ice giants’ lair. It’s not terribly great, especially in comparison to the previous map.
The octagonal room in the bottom corner held a special wishing well depicting a made-up ice giant deity. You’d throw money in and make a wish, and depending on how much you threw in, an item similar to what you wished for of varying usefulness would pop out. (ie: wish for a rideable unicorn; get a paper unicorn origami; being paper, it’s writable.)
The large room on the right was a huge weather chamber where the characters had to endure a blizzard while fighting mephitis and a dire wolf.

3. This was the first dungeon I ever made. Super simple and straightforward. But my players still had a ton of fun and we still talk about the shenanigans that took place here (like when the elf sorcerer scored a wicked backflip over a guillotine).

4. This map is an actual play map that my players used. This dungeon was actually mostly randomly generated. The story behind this was that it was what was left of the ruins of a castle. The explorable area was that in which the servants lived. The party fought a lot of undead and found hella treasure.

So these are some of my maps! I’ll post more as I make them (which will be soon; I’m starting one tonight :D )

Cool maps from msdungeonmaster

Oh, as a fair bit of warning, some of the other stuff on her blog is ever so slightly NSFW, so

The not so smart Rogue

A while back I found a new gaming group, and I rolled a rogue
Well, this rogue wasn’t the smartest and he played like a defender, The first day with this group, I jumped into A Kobold/Hobgoblin layer, and immediately got pelted with javelins next encounter, I wondered off into the darkness to try and sneak, and then got slammed around by a hulking zombie. Moral of the story, dont let me play rogue.

Apr 18
his name was quilt and he was going to be the party’s medic/surgeon. i thought it would be kinda funny to have a patchwork construct/man be patching people up. but sadly the game never got off the ground

his name was quilt and he was going to be the party’s medic/surgeon. i thought it would be kinda funny to have a patchwork construct/man be patching people up. but sadly the game never got off the ground

1980sspaceman asked: Valeria Perjora, Goliath Fighter/Ranger. Stupidly gimmicky build that allowed her to dual wield Fullblades at 21.

An Adu’ja Marshal/ Binder Diplomancer. He was so beautiful. ECL 6 and he could auto-succeed at de-aggroing anything he shared a language with as a standard.

The “Frenchman”

A hunter game set during World War II in which we were going to occupied France in hopes of fighting back cultist Germans.  My character was a Greek-American man who stood nearly seven feet tall.Known for just fighting any foes with simple fisticuffs and just generally being Theodore Roosevelt the Greek.  He was better suited for fighting rather than any form of stealth, the title the Frenchman came from a joke I had whipped up.

*Dressed in a beret, a striped shirt and a pencil mustache*

"I am quite clearly a Frenchman"

Nazi:”Than why are you speaking English?”

*eyes dart left and right”

"Sacre bleu!" *punch*

The game unfortunately died before this poor guy saw the light of day.

Splendrizzt the radiant

Splendrizzt the radiant, a simple drow that was entralled by the might of the light of pelor and decided to leave his home and enter the ranks of the pelor clergy. After decades of fighting against racist issues he finally menages to become a radiant servant of pelor and he’s now roaming the lands fighting evil alongside his friends while shouting his battlecry: “BY THE LIGHT OF PELOR BE PUR-AUUUGHMYEYES!”

(he was part of a brainstorm for weird characters we wanted to use but we never found a dm willin to take responsabilities for the silly group composed by a grimlock seer, pixie barbarian, drow sun cleric and a gelatinous cube thief)

Apr 17

Elven Blade Fighter

An eladrin fighter or swordmage swordmaster in 4th edition D&D. He’d collect a sword of each type, longsword, bastard sword, falcion, scimitar, you name it. If it was the weapon of defeated enemies or villains all the the better. He would attack with a different one each round but would always end his turns with his weapon sheathed. 

An inefficient fighting style I know, but with the quick draw feat or Weapon Master’s Strike at will power made it feasible, and it was a stylish idea to me.

Maybe I’ll get to play him sometime :)

imalexmello asked: My character I never got to play was Zanzibar, a Demon Arm character (home brew class) where he was given a black scaled demoic arm given to him by his god. The god of the river of souls. As he grows stronger so does his arm where he derives. His powers. And he's a paladin. Event oh he follows a demonic god he praises against him and made it his life goal to confront him and destroy him for giving him the demonic arm.

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