I am looking to commission an anime-style artist that is willing to make some sprite art for me for a project I am reviving from the dead.

    I am also looking for some lovely ladies to take on some of the roles as the voices (as well as other characters (men are available too!))! It’s a free/volunteer-based project, so please keep this in mind. However, the work schedule is flexible!



    • D&D isn’t just for guys. Join the Gamer Girls of UICC (University of Chicago) as they hack and slash their way through dungeons and get hyper on Mountain Dew until they pass out or lose all their health. However, having the double X chromosome isn’t always as pleasant as people think, especially when you roll dice for damage…

    If you are interested in doing sprite art or voicing in this project, please read the project details in the read more!

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  • kazy-necrus:

    D&D party shaming.

    Based off our actual game occassions, click on images to see english translations. 

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  • jegillustration:

    Monsters, concept sketches

    You have your naga, your gnome, your unicorn, your hand guy, your foot guy, standard monsters.  

    You’re gonna want them in your game.

    Especially hand guy and foot guy.

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  • silvenger:

    "We are… slightly outnumbered…"

    Learn more about the Aaracokra Party HERE

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  • epicroll:

    Today’s Pathfinder dungeon. The map the team ran through was loosely based on this drawing.

    - Mathew out!

    Dat map

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  • omarnoory:

    Daily DnD Drawing #8 - Willas Longclaw / Male Human Shadowblade and Dillard Softpaw / Male Human Fighter

    I didn’t get a chance to do a drawing yesterday because I was at a friend’s wedding so I decided to double up today. Here are my two characters I’m rolling in Divinity: Original Sin. They may also be roughly based on my two cats :)

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  • This is basically the coolest method for representing equipment carried I’ve ever. I’m probably going to steal this for all of my D&D-likes with minor edits.

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  • unpossiblelabs:

    The 13th Age Bestiary has arrived at DriveThru RPG.

    This is old news already, but LOOK AT THAT LANDSHARK IT’S SO ADORABLE! :3

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